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"Before i met Patrick , I didn't think very much about Personal Training. I've had many personal trainers in the past that have failed to help me reach my goals of getting healthy and in shape. But with Patrick, it was a completely different story. He pushed me to the limit every training session and even stayed on point with my eating habits each step of the way. With his help I was able to loose 55 lb overall! Then, when i needed to put on some muscle for my wrestling season, he trained me for 6 weeks and i put on 12lbs. To this day, i've never been happier with the shape that i'm in. Thanks Pat!"

-Ryan L. Northwood High School, Irvine


I've been working out w/ Patrick for about 6 months now & it's the best gift my cousin could have ever given to me- In working out w/ Patrick, I've gained confidence, more strength & a great friend to help me on the way to my goal of becoming healthy & happy! It'll be the best decision you'll ever make working out w/ him... :)

- Elizabeth S., 29 years old, Orange, Tax Consultant

Patrick provided a fantastic personal training over the last 2 months for me. I have been training in the past but came to a point where I found myself doing the same exercises over and over. With a trainer on my side I switched up my routine and felt better from session to session. With a past bodyfat of 19 % and now 14.5 %, Patrick has gotten me back on track to feeling young again. What i also liked is his different training style of bringing in plyometrics and yoga as well as his High Intensity Interval stuff....You kicked my a**  but in a good way :). Thanks Patrick!

- Andy R., 34 years old, Costa Mesa ( IT-Consultant)


If you are looking for a Personal Trainer who pushes you hard and makes sure you are always on track, Patrick will be the one. I have worked w trainers in the past but the difference with him is his own motivation and his strive. Getting pushed by a trainer is one thing, looking at your own trainer and being motivated by his lifestyle is another. I lost an overall amount of 15 solid pounds over the last 3 1/2 months. This might not sound like a lot but for a female with a bodyweight of 135lb it is. He taught me also that things like the BMI and just your bodyweight are points to look for. It is how you feel and fit in your clothes and all about bodyfat. I changed my lifestyle through my drive and it was about time but Patrick was keeping me on track at all times.

Cheers, Karin

- Karin W. 42 years old , Newport Beach, Mortage Broker

I'm feeling fitter and stronger than ever! Being in my mid 40's and constantly under stress, the personal training program has helped me release my stress in a positive way. I started smoking less cigaretes and after 6 weeks through the program I completely quit. I knew that I had to change my lifestyle and I did. Before I worked out, I ate 2-3 x per day max. Now, my metabolism is so fast that I need to eat all the time. I am currently working out on my own but I still see Patrick once a month  for a check up so I know I am doing it the right way.

- Matt, 29 years old, Lake Forest, Car mechanic

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